A Taste of Japan in the Heart of LA – Sawtelle Boulevard

The sushi craze that swept the nation started in California, and in Los Angeles, the Japanese cuisine scene has never been hotter. Sawtelle Boulevard, nicknamed “Little Osaka” by the locals, is home to a number of incredible restaurants that likely contain some of the best Japanese food outside of that distant archipelago.

Some of these restaurants are upfront about their mastery of the art of Japanese cuisine. Yakitoriya, which specializes in grilled skewers in the binchotan style, has held down the area for more than a decade. Others have been tucked away so thoroughly that you’ll likely need a map to find them, like Morinoya, a quiet restaurant in the Olympic Collection building that specializes in soy milk hot pot, nabe, and chicken meatballs.

Of course, sushi remains ever popular, and Sawtelle offers it up in every style, ranging from the cheap-but-delicious Sushi Stop South to the much more posh Kiriko. Perhaps the best of Sawtelle Boulevard can be found at Tsujita, a tsukemen specialty restaurant that offers up the delicious ramen noodles and incredible broth side-by-side. Top it off with a coffee or one of the uniquely Nipponese pretzels at Coffee Tomo, and you’ll have enjoyed the best Japanese cuisine this side of the Pacific.


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