LA’s Pizzeria Mozza – Sustainable, Delicious, Award-Winning

For those looking to experience some of the best pizza in Los Angeles, there are few better destinations than Pizzeria Mozza. Overseen by famed chefs Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton, and Joseph Bastianich, Pizzeria Mozza offers gourmet pizza in an exuberant atmosphere befitting this exciting city. With a menu that spans Italian cuisine ranging from outstanding panini, bruschette, and antipasti to the unusual sorbetti and gelati for dessert, as well as distinctive and delicious pizzas in between, it’s wise to bring your appetite to Pizzeria Mozza, as you’ll want to sample everything before you’re too full to move.

Pizzeria MozzaPizzeria Mozza, as well as its sister restaurant, Osteria Mozza, pride themselves on their commitment to sustainability as well as their good food. Committed to green initiatives such as the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, sustainable food sourcing, and energy-saving efforts, the restaurants have sought out the help of experts like Elizabeth Meltz to ensure the entire produce-to-table pipeline impacts the environment as little as possible. In recognition of the continued excellence at Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza, chef Nancy Silverton won the James Beard Award for outstanding chef.


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