Where to Go in Los Angeles for Mouth-Watering Italian Food

Los Angeles residents have access to top-rated restaurants representing virtually every cuisine in the world. Among Americans, Italian food remains a perennial favorite, and Los Angeles has its fair share of amazing Italian chefs.

One of the best examples of traditional Italian food, Il Grano highlights family made wines and olive oils, as well as handmade dishes with authentic flavors. Chef Salvatore Marino uses nothing but the freshest and most delicious ingredients to create favorite dishes as well as novel experiments.

Bestia, located in the downtown Arts District, represents the collision of Californian and Italian cuisine. Located in an industrial loft replete with glimmering lights, the restaurant immerses guests in an enticing environment.

Vincenti Ristorante in Brentwood reflects a true Old World experience, with accented servers and long menus of classic dishes. Many of the offerings at Vincenti are truly works of art, such as the octopus served with beans.

Located in West Hollywood, Angelini Osteria has trained some of the most renowned Italian chefs in the nation. The restaurant serves masterful pastas and incredible sauces perfected by Chef Gino Angelini.


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