The Ladies’ Gunboat Society

Located at the Flores restaurant on Sawtelle Boulevard in West Los Angeles, the Ladies’ Gunboat Society offers a unique Southern seasonal menu for diners seeking bold flavors and good old-fashioned country cooking. The restaurant is anchored by Chef Brian Dunsmoor, who previously plied his trade at The Hart and the Hunter at the Palihotel. The Ladies’ Gunboat Society represents something of an anomaly on Sawtelle, which has become known primarily for its Japanese restaurants.

For brunch, the Ladies’ Gunboat Society offers a wealth of Southern-inspired entrees, from buttermilk biscuits with dark chocolate gravy and sorghum pecan sticky buns to cornmeal pancakes and fried rabbit with waffles. Customers can also sample one of the many brunch cocktails, such as the black velvet or bloody beer.

At suppertime, the Ladies’ Gunboat Society serves up chilled Laguna Bay oysters, chicken-fried rabbit, and grilled hanger steak. The dessert menu contains a number of tantalizing options, including a maple blueberry crème brulee and cornbread pudding with crème fraiche ice cream.


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