Some Unorthodox – But Outstanding – Breakfast Spots in Orange County

breakfast pic Orange County boasts a number of traditional breakfast spots where diners can find excellent egg concoctions, along with bacon, sausage, pancakes, and waffles. In addition to these eateries, however, the area also has some of the most unusual breakfast joints in the country. For example, Champion Food Co. transforms from a boba shop into a Chinese breakfast eatery during the morning hours. The restaurant churns out unique menu items, such as salty crullers that diners dip into steaming soymilk, and a hybrid sandwich-taco stuffed with shredded beef and scallions. Another popular dish is the ci fan tuan, a glutinous rice burrito with pork rousong.

At Anepalco’s, Chef Danny Godines pulls from Mexican, Spanish, French, and American traditions for excellent, high-concept breakfast dishes. Some sure winners at the restaurant include the huevos rancheros and the huevos divorceados, which combines a green and red sauce with over-easy eggs, fried tortillas, and cheese.

Trieu Chau serves traditional Vietnamese and Cambodian breakfasts, which typically involve noodle soups. Starting at 7 a.m., the restaurant begins service of dishes like Chao Chow noodle soup, which boasts shrimp, liver, fish cake, fish balls, ground pork, and slices of roast pork and duck in a deep, golden broth.


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