The Venice Whaler – Elevated Seafood Served on the Water

The Venice Whaler pix In operation since 1944, The Venice Whaler previously had a reputation as a slightly dumpy restaurant on the water in Venice. Recently, Mike Dobson completed a total overhaul of the restaurant to bring it in line with other eateries in Venice and Marina del Rey. Chef Nick Liberato also modernized the menu with several fresh takes on classics and dishes inspired by other cuisines from around the world. Some of the new menu highlights include the tuna poke and the shrimp rolls served on brioche. Another exciting dish is the hangover lettuce wrap, which combines slab bacon, chicharrones, guacamole, and yuzu kosho aioli.

Mike Dobson enlisted Kelly Patry, known for her work at Seven Grand and Honeycut, to redesign the space. The Venice Whaler now has a more modern feel that still gives a nod to classic beachside architecture. The restaurant also boasts ample bar space, including a wonderful outdoor area that overlooks the beach.

Anthony Settecase helped re-imagine the bar menu with some creative cocktails, such as the Moscow Whale, which combines ginger beer, Angostura, citrus-ginger syrup, and either vodka or bourbon. The bar also features 13 beers on tap, including several craft brews.


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