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Roy Choi Opens Commissary, His Fourth Line Hotel Restaurant

Roy Choi  Commissary pic Located in a greenhouse on top of the Line Hotel, Commissary is Roy Choi’s fourth restaurant inside the hotel. The all-glass restaurant offers stunning views of Koreatown and surrounds diners with plants, trees, and other greenery. Providing customers with a memorable dining experience, Choi focuses on vegetable dishes, although the restaurant also offers black bass, scallops, steak, and schnitzel.

The menu, which is printed on two separate cards, is innovative if potentially perplexing. The first card features illustrations of vegetables and meat, lettered and categorized by price. A glossary on the second card provides insight into the sauces and allows diners to see all the primary ingredients.

The menu is complemented by a creative list of cocktails, such as the Pimp’s Cup with rhubarb, cucumber, ginger, and shiso. Those who prefer savory drinks can try the Tomato and Okra, served with heirloom tomato, cachaca, and lovage. In addition, the gin and juice come prepared with either pineapple, watermelon, carrot, beet, or apple juice.


A Handful of Los Angeles’ Most Impressive Indian Restaurants

Los Angeles enjoys an almost overwhelming number of Indian restaurants of high quality. While the choice of restaurant depends largely on an individual’s regional preference, below are a few of the tastiest Indian eateries in the area.

Indian cuisine Los Angeles pic Located in Pacific Palisades, Taj Palace has a menu of more than 45 curries and 15 types of naan. While diners can turn to old favorites, they should not be afraid to try something new, as everything on the menu is prepared with care. Diners can even request minimum oil to make their order a bit healthier.

Redondo Beach residents and visitors alike can enjoy traditional Indian food bursting with fresh herbs and quality spices at Addi’s Tandoor. The restaurant has several platter options that allow diners to sample a variety of foods.

Inspired by India’s Punjab region, Chandni Vegetarian Restaurant serves vegetarian dishes complete with fresh cheese made on-site. The restaurant offers great service and will customize any dish according to dietary restrictions and desired spiciness. Vegan options are also available.