A Brief History of the Blu Jam Café

Blue Jam Cafe pic A native of Czechoslovakia, Kamil Majer discovered his affinity for the culinary arts as a child while watching his mother cook with fresh, handpicked ingredients. As an adult, he escaped persecution in his home country, traveling through Slovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia before reaching Boston. There, he took an entry-level job washing dishes at the renowned Colonnade Hotel before relocating to Los Angeles in 1992. Kamil launched his West Coast culinary career as a chef at such prominent venues as the Century Plaza Hotel, the Beverly Hills Four Seasons, and downtown’s Los Angeles Biltmore. After helping to establish a number of successful high-end restaurants, he shifted his focus to casual venues with a renovation of the Vienna Café in 1995.

After more than a decade in the culinary industry, Kamil began developing plans for a casual, affordable Hollywood café based on the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. He and friend David Fris collaborated on the project, drawing on their shared Czechoslovakian heritage to craft an eclectic array of internationally inspired breakfast and lunch options. The Blu Jam Café opened in 2006 on Los Angeles’ iconic Melrose Avenue, named in honor of its location’s rich history. Previously an underground jazz club, it hosted such iconic musicians as Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie, and Blu Jam continues to honor this tradition with its music and decor.


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