Lunch Highlights at Bea Bea’s

Bea Beas pic Burbank restaurant Bea Bea’s may be best known for its breakfast, but it also serves a full lunch menu. With entrees ranging from quesadillas to soups and sandwiches, it offers up classic dishes drawn from French, American, Italian, and Tex-Mex cuisine. If breakfast out isn’t in your plans for the day, you can still stop by Bea Bea’s for one of the following lunch items.

The chicken rancheros burrito. Bea Bea’s chicken rancheros burrito starts out with chicken breast and wild rice, while avocado and black beans are added before everything is topped off with mozzarella cheese and rancheros sauce. For a side, diners can select French fries or onion rings.

The vegan wrap. Vegan guests can grab one of Bea Bea’s vegan wraps, which builds on a base of tofu and wild rice. The wrap incorporates veggie chorizo and spinach, as well as avocado and several other kinds of vegetables.

The croque monsieur or croque madame. Bea Bea’s serves two versions of this French favorite. The monsieur contains grilled ham and cheese topped off with Béchamel sauce, while the madame includes fried eggs as well.


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