Good Morning, LA – The City’s Best Breakfasts

People tend to think of fine dining as an evening affair; whether it’s a candlelit meal in a luxurious restaurant or dinner al fresco on a rooftop patio, people tend to focus their attention on gustatory delights that can be served after sunset. However, like the residents of any big city, Angelenos needs their morning meals to power through the day, and they have no excuse for grabbing a quick muffin or dry piece of toast on the way out the door. Not with the innumerable breakfast-focused restaurants littering the city, many of which feature culinary treasures that can only be sampled in the morning.

Those interested in the classics can select from a number of old-school diners, such as Millie’s Cafe in Silver Lake, an institution that has been serving equal parts classic Americana and delicious food since 1926. Others might want to stop by Nate ‘n Al, the iconic Beverly Hills diner that focuses on classic Jewish breakfast foods that have their roots on the East Coast. However, LA’s restaurant scene spans the entire globe, and those looking to branch out in the world of breakfast food can sample from countless foreign cuisines. Try the Vietnamese breakfast sandwiches at Bánh Mì My Tho, the delicious pho at Viet Huong, or the Taiwanese breakfast delights at Huge Tree Pastry. In addition, those who love a good plate of huevos rancheros should visit El Huarachito, which makes its own tortillas and serves classic Mexican breakfast dishes all day long.

Angelenos seeking something a bit fancier also have many options for fine dining in the morning. Locavores should look no further than Salt’s Cure in West Hollywood, where everything on the menu hails from California and the menu changes each weekend. Diners who don’t mind spending a bit more cash can head to Farmshop in Santa Monica, which does breakfast in the most luxurious fashion possible.