L.A.’s Growing Downtown Arts District Offers Food and Artsy Fun

In many respects, the Downtown Arts District remains an unassuming corner of Los Angeles filled with old and occasionally abandoned warehouses. However, that image is changing. Like warehouse neighborhoods before it, the Downtown Arts District is becoming the go-to location for excellent galleries, gorgeous loft apartments, and creative expression of all kinds. Luckily for L.A.’s gourmands, it has also begun attracting some incredible talent among the city’s chefs and restaurateurs. Angelenos looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner downtown need look no further.

While Seattle and San Francisco are more often thought of as coffee destinations, L.A. is making its mark with the Downtown Arts District, as several excellent cafés have appeared recently. Stumptown Coffee Roasters brings Portland flavors south, while Blue Bottle Coffee Co. delivers a San Francisco feel. However, those looking for a unique L.A. experience will want to visit Handsome Coffee Roasters, which also hosts a Wednesday night farmers market. Of course, those looking for more substantial fare along with their cup of joe should consider visiting the Pie Hole, a modest café with big flavors in their myriad pie creations, or the Daily Dose, which provides unusual and incredible sandwiches in an outstandingly beautiful location.

The Downtown Arts District offers more than clever cafés, of course. Those looking for fine dining will perhaps want to start at Church & State, which serves up wonderful French classics without any pretentiousness. Mexican and South American food lovers will prefer Cerveteca, while Italian food fanatics should visit The Factory Kitchen, especially those willing to spend the extra money for the exquisite prime beef rib chop. The new star in the district, however, is Bestia, which offers a surprising and delightfully rustic Italian menu that manages to stand out from the crowd. After dinner, however, remember to stop by the Bread Lounge, where you can pick up the city’s best baguettes, among many other gluten-filled delights.


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