Not Breakfast, Not Lunch – The Best Brunch Spots in LA

Brunch has been a controversial meal for years now. Chefs tend to dislike the proscribed formula, and restaurant reviewers have focused on the fact that it has historically been a meal focused on getting rid of the week’s leftovers. However, there are few things in Los Angeles more relaxing and pleasant than sharing a sunny mid-morning or early afternoon with friends over mimosas and comfort food. LA is a city that takes brunch seriously, and those looking for weekend luxuries or weekday relaxation will find numerous restaurants that serve brunch with aplomb.

Late-morning dining has a long history in LA, where staying out all night and seeking recovery food has been the custom of Hollywood movers and shakers since the 1930s. Those on a quest for the perfect brunch might wish to start in the Hollywood Hills. The Griddle Cafe deserves its enduring popularity, though those looking for quick seating should look elsewhere. The restaurant’s enormous griddlecakes, which can be topped with an endless array of tasty choices, make the wait well worth it for those who can stand the line. Those looking to linger over a fine drink should head west, where Eveleigh provides brunch-time libations that will bring anyone a sense of joie de vivre.

Venturing further out into LA yields many more delicious brunch choices. In Silverlake, Sqirl offers some of the finest egg dishes in the country, while The Kitchen serves up hearty brunch classics, including fried chicken and eggs with a side of mashed potatoes. Meanwhile, cocktail connoisseurs will want to relax with an expertly crafted drink at Venice’s Scopa Italian Roots. For those who would like to forget the week or make the most of the weekend, the affordable Prosecco at Little Dom’s in Los Feliz can’t be beat, and the Silverlake mainstay Barbrix pairs its excellent menu with unbeatable bottomless mimosas. Adventurous brunch-goers shouldn’t miss Commissary in Koreatown, which features a sun-soaked rooftop greenhouse where diners can enjoy Chef Roy Choi’s fusion-inspired menu.


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